Terms, Conditions & FAQs

Terms & Conditions

  1. Privacy – You’re privacy is important to me. Your personal information will not be shared to any third party vendors. If at any time you wish not to be identified during breaks I respect and honor that decision. Please contact me at least 48 hours in advance of breaks if you wish not to be identified during breaks. Unless contacted usually your first name and the initial or a few letters of your last name will appear.
  2. Refund Policy – All sales are final. You can cancel your buy-in up to 24 hours before the scheduled break time and receive a full refund in Break Credit, or your spot price less 5% for restocking fees. Breaks are given reasonable amounts of time to fill and run. If a break does not fill for the initial break date you can request a refund for you spot(s). I will work hard to ensure every break does run as scheduled.
  3. Going hitless – Not every spot in every break receives cards or an item. Nobody likes going hitless, but there is risk associated with any break. Please see each break listing to fully understand the break. If you have questions about any break, please contact me.
  4. Payments - I DO NOT accept Paypal eChecks as payments. If you purchase spots or filler bucks using eChecks your order will be canceled. There are plenty of great options like regular Paypal, Credit Card, Apple Pay and more, so please, no eChecks. NO EXCEPTIONS! I do not accept direct payments via apps like Venmo, CashApp or Paypal. All payments must be made through the website.
  5. In general if you have any questions about my breaks please contact me via e-mail (mikeybcards@gmail.com) or via direct message on Twitter or Instagram (mikeybcards).


How do I watch?

All of my breaks are LIVE, and recorded then posted to my YouTube channel. This is done to maintain the integrity of the breaks, but more so it’s done so you can tune in and join in on the fun. The easiest way to find and watch my breaks are to subscribe to my YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/mikeybcards) . I typically break a couple of times a week, you can always see when the next livestream is by looking on the website on the main page at the header line. Sometimes I have to change the start time or date, you can always see when I'll be live via this website, our free discord or my social accounts (account name: mikeybcards). Come and join the chat! That’s always part of the fun. We’re family friendly and love to talk cards and sports or answer any questions about the hobby. Because we're family friendly I kindly ask you to watch the language in the chatroom. Any individual who is disrespectful to other chat members or the breaker, uses an abundance of foul language, or says anything that is genuinely in bad taste will be removed from the chat. 



You joined a break, you got some cards, now what?  All packages will come via either USPS or UPS and if you enter an e-mail address during your order you'll be notified of a tracking number. There are NEVER any charges for standard shipping with anything on this website if you live in the US. If you require any additional mailing features such as signature confirmation or would like to request expedited shipping or insurance, you may do so at your expense. Please contact me via e-mail (mikeybcards@gmail.com) for any special shipping requests. International shipping is available for an additional charge, calculated at checkout. If you don't live in the US and you purchase a spot(s) and pay the shipping fee you can contact me for additional break spots and pay direct to avoid duplicate shipping charges. I sort, pack and ship most cards on Mondays and Tuesdays. You might only receive one notification for shipping, even if you bought into a multiple breaks. Everything gets consolidated and only one tracking number is produced for ALL items being shipped to you. I send cards in sealed team bags and in sealed bubble mailers or boxes. All hits are sleeved and top loaded. Numbered cards get at least a sleeve, base cards ship as is. I do my best to ensure secure shipping and to make sure your cards are protected when they leave my break room. 

PLEASE NOTE: Mikey B Cards LLC will not be responsible for international packages getting lost by customs or not arriving at their destination. Tracking on international orders might not be available. No refunds or replacements will be issued once tracking number is produced. For all shipping once packages have been delivered or picked up know that delays can occur that are beyond my control. I cannot control and am not responsible for lost, damaged or delayed packages. Issues like that need to be taken up with USPS or UPS, please contact them directly. By participating in my breaks you acknowledge and are abiding by these terms and conditions.


Break Formats

Breaks can come in many different formats and have a language and terms all to their self. Here are some helpful tips and answers to most of the basic questions:

Product Formats

  • Single box break: It’s one box of a single type of product! Pretty straightforward!
  • Case: A case has multiple boxes of the same product. Cases can run from two boxes or more. Please see the break description to see how many boxes are in each case.
  • Mini-Case or ½ Case: Same as a case, but the number of boxes are half. A full case might contain 10 boxes. A break with a ½ case would then be 5.
  • Mixer: A break that contains a quantity of boxes, but those boxes aren’t the same product. A mixer might feature different products or different years of products. Descriptions of all products in a mixer break are listed in the break posting.

Break Formats

  • Random Team/Divisions: Spots and teams are put into random.org and randomized to determine which teams/divisions go to each spot. A dice is rolled prior to randoming. A dice role of 2 (snake eyes) results in a re-roll.
  • PYT (Pick Your Team) of PYD (Pick Your Division): You select a team or division you want with each spot purchased. Teams might not have equal price depending on variables like the amount of hits or high value players/rookies per team/division.
  • Numbers Break: For these breaks you are assigned a random number using random.org and your spot would receive all cards that correspond to those numbers. For numbers breaks the left side of the card number is used. For instance if you have 8 as your number and a card is pulled numbered 8/10 or 28/99 or 118/299 (as examples) those would all go to your spot.
  • Draft Style: All cards are pulled from the Break and using random.org a draft order is randomized. The first pick has first selection of a card and then it goes down the list. The number of spots will always correspond to the number of hits in the break.

What about cards with multiple players on them?

A dice roll or random.org will be used to determine which team multiple player cards go to, unless one person owns more than 50% of the players on the card, then that person would win the card.

What about cards with retired player that don't show a designated team?

Those cards will go to the team the player played the longest for. If there are multiple teams with the same amount of years played for I'll use random.org to determine the winner of the card. 

Mikey B Cards Rewards:


For details about our Rewards program please join our free discord!  

New Customers

New customers can receive discounts for their first break spots. Please contact me directly via e-mail or social media, or in the chatroom to learn how to get a discount code for your first spot purchase. (Not all breaks may qualify for a new customer discount). Discount code can only be used once per customer. 

Thank you so much for breaking with me! Welcome to the Crew!